• In March 2012, the company set up the project to research and develop flap discs automatic molding machine.
  • In June 2013, the company's first flap discs automatic molding machine was successfully made after research and development.
  • In September 2013,the company's exhibition in the A&G Expo in Zhengzhou was successful, and obtained its first batch of domestic clients.
  • In October, 2013,the company participated in the Shanghai International Hardware Exhibition, promoted the products to overseas markets and obtained the first orders from foreign customers.
  • In December, 2013,the company successfully researched and developed the second generation louvre blade automatic moulding machine, which broke the high-price monopoly hard ice in the industry.
  • In March of 2013,various major departments of the company were set up successively. The specific Sales Department was established by the company, which was in charge of the market sales across the whole country.
  • In April of 2014 ,the Foreign Markets Development Division was established.
  • In May of 2014,the After-sales Service Station of Yongkang Zhejiang was set up and put into operation.
  • In June 2014,Shandong Linyi after-sales service station was established and put into operation.
  • In July 2014,the company further perfected the sales network, and the domestic market was divided into five regions, Guangdong and Zhejiang district, Shanghai and Jiangsu district, Hebei and Henan district, Shandong and the Northeast district, Jiangxi and Hubei district.
  • Our company's new generation of automatic machine which has been successfully developed and launched to market in August 2014, acquired orders of 10 units for a single customer.

  • In November2015,we participated the 3th A&G Expo in Zhengzhou got hundreds of clients.